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CMI has finally found its way to Facebook and created a fan page.  We hope to use this page to help build our presence in the community.  We ask that you hit the “LIKE” button and share our page with your friends.   Here is a little about us to help spread the word to others:

People contact CM when they want to solve problems with another party through collaborative means and with an impartial third party.  CM staff and volunteers mediate, facilitate, and train individuals and groups to empower them to communicate more effectively and resolve conflicts through methods that foster understanding and win-win agreements. We:

  • Empower people to solve their own problems.
  • Facilitate dialogues.
  • Train citizens in mediation and facilitation skills.
  • Offer an alternative to court.
  • Train students to resolve their conflicts in school.
  • Assist families to stay in their homes or find more affordable places to live.

Mediation occurs when an impartial third party facilitates communication between people in conflict with the potential of creating a win-win agreement.

Facilitation is when impartial third parties facilitate discussions with large groups holding diverse opinions to create dialogue and understanding and, potentially, action plans to solve community issues.