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Restorative Practices for Schools/Youth Focused Community Organizations

Community Mediation is able to step in when there is a need for serious responses to behavior. This can include mediation, community conferencing, and restorative circles. This can be used an a way of avoiding the use of punitive measures like detention, suspension, or explosion which send kids away when they make mistakes. We want to support our youth while still holding them accountable for their actions. This service is available for students, teachers, Parent Teacher Organizations, and administrators. Call us if you are in need of addressing serious issues in your school or community group to see if a restorative practice is right for your situation

Training Services for Educators/Youth Focused Organizations

Community Mediation, Inc. (CM) provides a wide variety of conflict and communication services that can enhance school climate and safety; keep students in school; teach youth new leadership skills and provide students, school staff members and parents tools to effectively manage and resolve conflict. CM has several tiers of training and consulting to meet the needs of each school.

Professional Development Workshops for Educators