Conflict Coaching in the Workplace

Friday June 1, 2012 – Friday June 1, 2012

3013 Dixwell Avenue

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At one time or another, we all face issues in the workplace:

–  Your co-worker isn’t carrying a fair share of the load.

–  Your staff is in-fighting, and they look to you to resolve their issues.

–  You’re getting attitude from a department that’s supposed to support you.

–  You have ideas to help the company, but you’re hitting a brick wall.

–  You’re considering filing a formal complaint, or are worried that someone may file against you.

–  You think a policy is outdated, a decision is unfair to you, or a strategy is harmful to the team, but aren’t sure how to bring it up.

Conflict Coaching provides basic skills for finally addressing issues instead of letting them fester, defusing tense situations, and handling difficult discussions.  The goal is to select and use the best approach for an optimal outcome, and get back to work.  Learn these techniques through exercises, examples, and practical how-to guidelines:

  • The three basic ways to handle issues, and guidelines for when to use which
  • How to address a conflict with a colleague without making it worse
  • Coaching others in using problem-solving skills to resolve their own issues
  • ‘Disagreeing up’ – giving input, challenging policies & decisions
  • The keys to turning issues into resolutions, and an adversarial situation into a partnership

Jane Zirlis, the facilitator, is a management consultant specializing in Organizational Effectiveness and the Managing Conflict component of Enterprise Risk Management.  She is a mediator for the EEOC, FINRA and Community Mediation-New Haven.  A key member of the team which implemented Coca-Cola’s landmark conflict management policy, Jane integrates those best practice concepts into her leadership workshops and organizational strategies for managing workplace conflict.  In her early career she founded a boutique organizational consulting firm on Wall Street, and has been an arbitrator in the financial services for over 15 years.  Jane has a BA in Human Behavior from Harvard University and an MBA from NYU in Finance with a practical thesis in Negotiations.