Community-Police Dialogues Update

We wanted to give you an update about the latest developments regarding the third round of dialogues on police/community relations.

Considering that we are in the election season right now, the New Haven Police Department and CM staff decided to postpone the dialogues until after the elections in November. We are concerned that, with the primaries and the general elections being right around the corner (September & November respectively), some community members might use the dialogues as a political platform. We will notify you as soon as the dates for the dialogues are confirmed, which we are planning to hold in November and December.

As a quick reminder, the purpose of this last round of dialogues is to choose particular strategies and assign responsibilities to participants who want to create safer neighborhoods in partnership with the NHPD. We will bring the list of ideas for police/community collaboration generated by the participants of the 2nd dialogue. Community members and police officers will again work in smaller groups to discuss these ideas, choose the ones that they would like to pursue, and create a plan to realize those goals.

This is the last session of the dialogues on police-community relations and we’re excited to see the projects that will grow out of this. You can find the notes from all dialogues here.

Thanks again for being part of the change!