Friday March 22, 2013 – Friday March 22, 2013

3013 Dixwell Ave

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Mental Illness in General Mediation and Family Conflicts

We begin with a cultural sensitivity training to mental illness, emphasizing that mediators should not identify mental illness diagnoses as problems but instead focus on problem behaviors that can occur with any party – mentally ill or not. We will also explore ways to structure the general mediation process to be accessible to mental health needs based on the principles of universal design.

The second half of the day focuses on mediating family conflicts related to disclosed mental illness.  We will identify common mental health conflicts affecting the family and discuss the agreements MH Mediate helps families reach in mediation including communication agreements, wellness plans and warning sigs plans.  We will also give an update of our work developing these cases in NYC.

Dan Berstein iDan Bernsteins a mediator, support group facilitator, and speaker living with bipolar disorder. He founded MH Mediate, a mental health mediation community, to expand the role of mediation in mental health contexts. Dan has led workshops about mental illness and mediation in CA, NY, RI, and MA with upcoming presentations in MN and NJ. He is collaborating with the CUNY Dispute Resolution Center at John Jay College to develop trainings and reference material, and he is preparing private mediators and mediation centers to take family cases involving disclosed mental illness. Dan is a criminal court mediator, community mediator, and conflict coach at the New York Peace Institute where he also sits on their Mediator Advisory Board. He facilitates support groups and sits on the operations committee for the Mood Disorder Support Group of New York City (MDSG), and he speaks for the National Alliance on Mental Illness’s (NAMI) New York Metro and Queens/Nassau chapters.