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Serving Connecticut since 1980

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Learn about our conflict management trainings for parents, supervisors, teachers, and students.

Please check our trainings/events page to see what’s coming. If you have any questions or trouble registering for events, please let us know right away! 

We now offer FREE Mediation Services to Veterans!

Are you a veteran who is experiencing conflict with someone? Do you know a veteran who is having a conflict with someone? Supported by the generosity of donors, Community Mediation has trained local veterans to become mediators and set-up a program to offer free mediation services to veterans who are struggling with a conflict using our trained service members as impartial facilitators.  Conflicts come in all sizes and shapes and are everywhere. You may be a tenant having conflict with your landlord, or you could be having conflict with a business, a family member, or you could be in conflict with a supervisor, co-worker, neighbor or going through a divorce. Our veteran mediators can help you resolve your conflict through mediation, which is a confidential and self-determined process.  Our Intake Coordinator, Jacques Lewis, will be happy to hear from you—call him at (203) 782-3508 or email